Purchase FAQ 購物指南

1. 如何於Bootmeister網站購物?

1)帳號登入:於網站右上角註冊或登入 (可使用 Facebook / Google 登入,無需注冊)

2)選購物品:選取心水產品並點擊 “加入購物車”;完成購物時,點擊右上角 “我的購物籃” 結帳 

3)完成付款:輸入您的取貨或送貨資料,並付款以完成交易,例如 上傳銀行入數證明 或 完成信用卡驗證頁面 


  • 等待Bootmeister確認訂單 
  • 確認訂單後,您的電子郵箱會收到確認通知,其中包含您的訂購詳情。您也可以點擊“個人資料>訂單紀錄”查看您的訂單詳細訊息及訂單狀態。

5) 取貨

  • 本地(香港)客戶可以到門市自行取貨或使用本地速運服務,其他地區客戶可使用指定速運服務。詳情請查閱 運送政策 Shipping Policy
  • 如通知到貨後,客人於 60 天內必須取貨。如 60 天內仍未能取貨或付全數金額,顧客將則視作放棄交易,而訂金及貨品將收歸本店。

2. 預訂貨品有甚麼需要注意?

  • 預訂貨品一般於14 – 45日到貨,但實際貨運時間具不確定性,本店不接受顧客以超出貨品預計到貨日期為由作出退款或任何補償申請。
  • 請留意預訂貨品頁面上的更新日期,如預訂狀況未有更新,建議先行聯絡店家確認預訂狀態。

3. 付款會有手續費嗎?

標價為 現金/銀行轉帳/轉數快 價格,其他付款方式的售價會有所調整,並自動在購物車反映:

    • 現金/銀行轉帳/轉數快  :   網上價格 + 0% (無手續費)
    • 信用卡                             :   網上價格 + 0% (消費劵期間無手續費)
    • Paypal                             :   網上價格 + 3.9%

4. 如何選擇合適碼數?

你可以查閱 這篇文章 – 碼數的迷思? – BOOTMEISTER 波砵專門店 以正確量度你的碼數,然後前往 Size Guide 尺碼指南 對應每個品牌的尺碼。

5. 如果購物後發現碼數不合,我可以怎樣做?

  • 保留購買單據 在貨品和包裝完整全新 之情況下,客戶可以在取貨七天內聯絡店員以換取合適碼數。
  • 如同款貨物未有合適碼數,可以補回差價取其他款式。
  • 每張訂單只可享受一次換貨機會。客戶亦需自行負擔運送貨物到本店的費用。


1. How to make your purchase?

1) Login/registration: login/register at the top-right corner of the website (use Google/Facebook Login without registration)

2) Shopping: search for your favourite products and click “Add to Cart”; click “View my shopping cart” at the top-right corner once you finished

3) Finish purchase: enter your delivery or pick-up details and select payment method; confirm and submit the order, and complete the payment (e.g.  upload bank transfer receipt, or complete credit card payment)

4) Order confirmation:

  • Await order confirmation by Bootmeister
  • After order confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email with relevant order information; you can also click “Personal Information > Order History” to check your order status and order information

5) Order pick-up:

  • Local (Hong Kong) customers can self pick up at our store, or use local express services. Customers from other regions/countries can use our designated express services. Details refer to 運送政策 Shipping Policy.
  • Within 60 days from the notification of arrival, customer should pick up the ordered items. Otherwise, the transaction (and all its related products/payments) will be considered to be forfeited by the customer.


2. What do I need to know for pre-ordering?

  • Pre-order items usually takes 14-45 days for delivery, yet the estimated delivery time could vary and no compensation or refund will be available in case of delay
  • Please note that update dates for pre-order items are indicated on the product page and you are welcome to confirm pre-order details with us if information has not bee updated for a long time


3. What are the payment charges?

Marked prices are cash/bank transfer/FPS prices.  Payment charges for other payment methods will be included automatically in the cart.

  • Cash / Bank Transfer / FPS  :  Website Price + 0%
  • Credit Card                              :  Website Price +0%
  • Paypal                                      :  Website Price + 3.9%


4. How to choose my size?

You can first read  這篇文章 – 碼數的迷思? – BOOTMEISTER 波砵專門店 to correctly measure your foot size,then check out Size Guide 尺碼指南 for size conversion across different brands。


5. What do I do if I purchased a wrong size?

  • Customers should within 7 days of receipt of the items, presenting with the purchase receipt and under circumstances that the purchased items are in brand new and saleable conditions, contact our customer services for exchange of other sizes.
  • If there is no alternative size available, customers may choose to exchange for other products and pay the price difference.
  • Every order can only enjoy the size change service once. Customers shall also be responsible for returning the purchased items to our store at his own costs.


For further questions, please contact us!

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